Getting deeper with Subtext, the #StoryCraft Podcast.

If you follow me on social media you'll know that I've been up and around again for a couple of months and making up for all that time lost to illness since living in Thailand. I have, of course, returned to editing As Long As She Lives, I've joined my local branch of The Australian … Continue reading Getting deeper with Subtext, the #StoryCraft Podcast.

#Storycraft Returns for 2014

Hello everyone! The first #storycraft of 2014 was another intimate affair, with just enough of us for a really satisfying discussion about structuring a story. Of course we discussed using a  pre-writing outline, but also developmental editing of drafts, structuring short stories versus novels, and we discussed some tricks that can help all writers get … Continue reading #Storycraft Returns for 2014

World Map of the first 1000 #Storycraft-ers!

Hello #Storycrafters! @Story-Craft passed 1000 followers, this week, and I've had a little time in the hotel, today, before returning to the task of unpacking at the new place, so I thought it would be interesting to see from where in the world we all tweet. As it turns out, while most #storycrafters are in North America, and, of … Continue reading World Map of the first 1000 #Storycraft-ers!

On Using Social Media for PR

... Any time you send an unsolicited message about a product directly to someone on any of these social media, you are not being an uber cool company that is down with what the kids are doing these days – you are TELEMARKETING. Not only are you telemarketing, but you are calling during a dinner party. Imagine being at that dining table when the call comes through. Now imagine the talk about you and your product afterwards – it’s not going to be good is it?...