World Map of the first 1000 #Storycraft-ers!

Hello #Storycrafters! @Story-Craft passed 1000 followers, this week, and I've had a little time in the hotel, today, before returning to the task of unpacking at the new place, so I thought it would be interesting to see from where in the world we all tweet. As it turns out, while most #storycrafters are in North America, and, of … Continue reading World Map of the first 1000 #Storycraft-ers!

#Storycraft Chat

On Tuesday, I posted a piece about this week’s #Storycraft chat and invited any readers interested to join us. I realise, now that I’ve only discussed #storycraft in passing, on this blog, having kept the two blogs quite separate for almost a year, so I thought a very little more explanation might be in order. … Continue reading #Storycraft Chat