The Plan…

Ah... 2007 feels better already - some challenges already but optimism all the way... So, 2nd jan and second post since restart - not bad at all. After reading the last post Superman (I married into the Justice League don'cha know) was all support and cheering but asked "What are you going to write, then?" … Continue reading The Plan…

Shadowkeeper Update

Well, the Nicholl-prompted requests seem to be dribbling to a stop (only 1 in the last 4 days) but I have started to receive script requests from those who requested only a logline and/or synopsis (4 this week.)Ă‚ Come January I will, at the least, have people to pester! I've also received some responses from … Continue reading Shadowkeeper Update

Nicholl Fellowship Progress!

I am delighted to report that this morning I received word from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences that THE SHADOWKEEPER has made it through to the quarterfinal round of the Nicholl Fellowship! Click here for information on the Nicholl

Goodness me!

The Shadowkeeper has been selected as a Quarter Finalist in the PAGE International Screenwriting Competition! The Semi-Finalists will be announced on July 15th. The PAGE is judged on a strict points basis: points from 1-10 are awarded in several catagories from formatting and typos to structure and marketability. There is a Bronze, Silver and Gold … Continue reading Goodness me!