Handmade Plenty

"Handmade Plenty" is my theme for the next 5 years 😊 I've never really made a vision board or given myself a theme for the coming years, before, but my dear friend Kim ( @fatpurplefigs ) does it every year, and after the stripping bare that was 2017, I thought I'd give it a go. … Continue reading Handmade Plenty

New Skill Thursday: Overlocker / Surger

Today is New Skill Thursday and I'm tackling how to use an #overlocker (or #serger in the US) If I'm going to be making all my clothes (including underwear and lingerie) by November 2018 I need to master this machine. In the end, this video from ......  was what I needed. By the end of … Continue reading New Skill Thursday: Overlocker / Surger