The Golden Herringbone Cape

I tend to post my crafting on Instagram, these days, but it takes up so much of my life/keeps me sane that it's silly not to post more of it, here. This project, though, I didn't even post on Instagram until after Christmas, as it was a present for a friend and I didn't want … Continue reading The Golden Herringbone Cape

Handmade Plenty

"Handmade Plenty" is my theme for the next 5 years 😊 I've never really made a vision board or given myself a theme for the coming years, before, but my dear friend Kim ( @fatpurplefigs ) does it every year, and after the stripping bare that was 2017, I thought I'd give it a go. … Continue reading Handmade Plenty

Favourite Things: Peels, Tulips, and Bobbinis!

Today I'm tidying up my threads tin and actually enjoying the process because of these awesome thread and bobbin organisers from which I discovered via the quilting community@massdrop The 'peels' curl around threads so they don't unwind (even my overlocking spools!), the 'bobbinis' do the same for bobbins and the 'tulips' insert in the … Continue reading Favourite Things: Peels, Tulips, and Bobbinis!