Big Old Coat finished!

FINISHED!!! My knee may be fractured and I may be in a fog of painkillers but I can always knit! Pattern: "Big Old Coat"Yarn: Rich Alpaca from @bendigowoollenmills in Rich Dusk (DK/8ply, 1800m/1975yds)Skill level:Advanced (knitting & patience!)Time: approx. 250 hours! Come say Hi on Ravelry: @Darsidhe ( 

Learning a new, ancient skill.

I've always wanted to spin my own wool. A childhood friend's mother used to spin and I could watch her for hours - it seemed so magical the way she teased a seemingly endless thread from a mass of fairy-floss. Her hands were always soft, too, she said it was from the lanolin. When my … Continue reading Learning a new, ancient skill.