Write Track makes it NaNoWriMo all year round.

For those who are not aware, NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month, when writers (from all over the globe, despite the name) commit to starting a new novel on November 1st and write 50,000 words of a first draft by November 30. Obviously, the main  point is to create a community to encourage and cajole … Continue reading Write Track makes it NaNoWriMo all year round.

#Storycraft Chat “Thy Reader, Thy King”

This week in #storycraft, I asked the Storycrafters to discuss the reason June Casagrande gives us to learn our fundamentals, in It was the Best of Sentences, it was the Worst of Sentences, : “If you want to master the art of the sentence, you must first accept a somewhat unpleasant truth – one a … Continue reading #Storycraft Chat “Thy Reader, Thy King”