Bangkok, you have defeated me.

Posts and photos from our trip to Japan for another New Year at the Atsuta Shrine, will come, but today, big news: We've got about 10 weeks left in Thailand, slight possibility we might be home for my birthday!After feeling so much better after just a couple of days in Japan, barely needing any asthma … Continue reading Bangkok, you have defeated me.

Earthquake in Northern Sumatra felt in Bangkok

I’ve just experienced my first earthquake. We slept through a couple of quakes in Nagoya, but this is the first time I’ve been awake for one. I felt no movement, just heard the building creaking in a slow, swinging rhythm and what sounded like the occasional banging on a metal tank. I thought that something … Continue reading Earthquake in Northern Sumatra felt in Bangkok

Thai Flood Update

A quick update, mostly for friends and family, on the flood situation as it pertains to us. Anonymous Car Concern has put the families of ICTs on notice that we might be requested to co-operate with being required to voluntarily temporarily repatriate, should the situation become more uncertain. (I'm not making up that language...) Seriously, … Continue reading Thai Flood Update