My Week in Tweets 2010-03-22

iTunes damage undone! CDs back to WAV - no more distorted mp3s engineered to make iTunes purchases sound bett # Beautiful, Donna! Thank you for sharing RT @Donna_Carrick: Waiting For Sunrise~Writers' Craft: Sharing a golden moment. # Working on my antogonist's role this week and probably next, too, to get a good hold … Continue reading My Week in Tweets 2010-03-22

My Week in Tweets 2010-03-15

"Place setup mic at listening point 1 at ear height" no # "Place setup mic at listening point 1 at ear height" not what I bought it for... # But the mic had a standard tripod fitting... Why. not? 😀 # Ah, Autumn. Gotta love it. 🙂 # Look at that … Continue reading My Week in Tweets 2010-03-15

My Week in Tweets 2010-01-31

Australia Day in Cronulla is shameful. Lots of Tshirts reading: If you don't love it, LEAVE 😦 glad we won't be living here. # In the oddest old department store in Kensington. From outside you'd swear the store had closed decades ago and a warehouse had taken over. # Powered by Twitter Tools