We've had 30 minutes of rain that turmed to delicate, fluttering, snow! We were told we could have snow in August or September because we're 500m above sealevel, here, but I didn't quite believe it. Mind you, the icey deck I slipped on should have been a clue. The snow is mostly gone after 10 minutes … Continue reading SNOW!!!!

In which I cheat with my latest post.

In a post this week, Betsy Learner asked her readers to post a comment about their favourite local bookshops. It prompted from me a meander down Memory Lne, and, since I have been too busy settling into my fancy new Sydney life to write about said fancy new life (which I will do at some point soon), and also since I'd like for my latest post not to remain the one about my father, I thought I'd post what I wrote.