The Golden Herringbone Cape

I tend to post my crafting on Instagram, these days, but it takes up so much of my life/keeps me sane that it's silly not to post more of it, here. This project, though, I didn't even post on Instagram until after Christmas, as it was a present for a friend and I didn't want … Continue reading The Golden Herringbone Cape

Handmade Plenty

"Handmade Plenty" is my theme for the next 5 years 😊 I've never really made a vision board or given myself a theme for the coming years, before, but my dear friend Kim ( @fatpurplefigs ) does it every year, and after the stripping bare that was 2017, I thought I'd give it a go. … Continue reading Handmade Plenty

Tapestry diary: On bobbins or butterflies.

Today’s tapestry breakthrough! Though the butterflies I made following @rebeccamezofftapestry video (see below) were working beautifully individually, I have so many colours on this autumn landscape that they were getting tangled (and freaking me out a little with messiness) But I didn’t want to use (or spend on) bulkier tapestry bobbins. I had a packet … Continue reading Tapestry diary: On bobbins or butterflies.

Weaving Diary: swatching and clasping some Silk Garden

Doing some swatching for a new garment which will be either a ruana wrap or something with kimono style sleeves, not sure yet. The cloth will be woven from this combination of Noro Silk Garden (I’m not sure of the colourway name) and cotlin in Eggplant from @knit_picks Both have been frogged from previous garments … Continue reading Weaving Diary: swatching and clasping some Silk Garden

Niblings! Niblings!

Today is a low-#spoons, little-brain day 🤕. Luckily, my cotton for a baby blanket for my eagerly awaited, shiny new nibling arrived yesterday. I think this @debbieblissknits pastel rainbow cotton print (colour name is ‘bouquet’) is going to find its way into all sorts of things 😍