Japanese Road Signs

Since the Japanese drive on the left as we do here in Australia, the main concern Superman and I have about driving in Japan is not being able read the street signs. I've been hunting for something which would allow us to learn them before we move but have had little luck till today (when … Continue reading Japanese Road Signs

Nagoya Slideshow part 4 – Nagoya Castle

This was our one really touristy outing - we really only had one day to ourselves. I have had various pictures of Nagoya Castle as my desktop for months so it was magical to be able to be there in person and take my own! The original castle was a small castle built in 1525 … Continue reading Nagoya Slideshow part 4 – Nagoya Castle

On our way!

Well, poor Brigie went off to the cattery this afternoon, the suitcase is as packed as it can be before the pre-departure showers, any liquids or gels required on board have been replaced by solid versions or decanted down to under 100ml and I very cleverly didn't get much sleep last night so I might … Continue reading On our way!