About Darcy

64843b89-8bad-4b8c-923c-e778354f848cThe defining element of my life has always been my addiction to Story – written, drawn, filmed, barely hinted at in the finds of an archaeological dig… if there is a narrative to enjoy, I will find it or create it. Long ago my husband dubbed it “narrative disorder” and I know I’m not alone!

Born in Philadelphia, USA, and raised in Melbourne, Australia, I have been travelling since I was 10 months old. I’ve lived in various cities in the USA, Australia, South Africa, Japan, Thailand, and New Zealand (if 2, blissful, months count as having lived there!) I currently live in an old gold-rush village an hour outside of Melbourne in the central highlands of Victoria. I live with my husband, who I was lucky enough to meet at Monash university in 1991, and our cat Oggie (after Oghma, Celtic god of writing), who we adopted when we made our tree-change at the end of 2016. My husband and I met because of our mutual love of Tolkein, Terry Pratchett and philosophical debate (i.e., being utter nerds) and it’s what keeps us together!

After uni, I somehow managed to turn my backstage audio-tech experience from school into a career turning some of Australia’s best loved books (and some not-so-loved!) into audio books. I did that for about seven years and then took about the same time off, as my husband’s career took us on an adventure living in Japan and Thailand – giving me a chance to write my own stories full time. Now, in no small part because I suffer a chronic autoimmune condition which prevents me having a traditional job, I am lucky enough to be able to continue to follow my passions full time.

When I am not writing, my hands seem to crave creating things from fibre and yarn and, thanks to my dear grandmother who I lost when I was 12, I have the skills to do so. Granny taught me to knit, crochet, embroider and sew and I am now, thanks to my Aunt, learning to weave cloth and spin the yarn, too! More and more I find fulfillment in creating things, in growing things, in doing for myself what machines or exploited workers so often do for the modern world and I’m becoming a great fan and promoter of the slow lifestyle, which suits the “spoonie” lifestyle very well.

Thank you for visiting my site, I hope you were entertained and/or informed,

Wishing you courage and creativity in all you do,


Email: darcy@narrativedisorder.com