The Golden Herringbone Cape

I tend to post my crafting on Instagram, these days, but it takes up so much of my life/keeps me sane that it’s silly not to post more of it, here. This project, though, I didn’t even post on Instagram until after Christmas, as it was a present for a friend and I didn’t want her to see it (though she did know about it and had a bit of a fitting before it was all put together.

I guess I’m also sharing this one because I’m actually really proud of it. It was incredibly satisfying to make. My friend chose a pattern from pictures on Ravelry (Boxing Day 2017) but I soon saw the in-the-round pattern wasn’t going to produce a garment that would hold its shape on anyone other than the model while standing still (not unusual!). I threw out the pattern and just worked to the spirit of the picture -it was still a cape made with panels of herringbone but I added two more panels and shaped them differently so that they draped nicely, I used tunisian crochet for the connecting sections (with a little hidden crochet to strengthen and stabilise them), and then joined it all together and continued the tunisian crochet in the golden yoke and collar.

I’ve worked without a pattern, once before, but only with the freedom to completely change the garment as I go, and it was sooo satisfying to swatch and play and test stitches from all my yarn skills to try to achieve a specific intention. It’s a robust, striking piece of outerwear to keep my friend warm come Winter (which is approaching fast, here in Oz!)

I’d love to make another one to test my pattern notes and see how long it takes now that I’ve worked it all out – perhaps just 200 hours or so, instead of 400 LOL!


Bendigo Woollen Mills:

Rich Alpaca (40% wool 60% alpaca) in Rich Gold approx 1000m

Savanna (40% alpaca 60% wool) in Natural 800m

Here’s a couple of shots for fellow Oggie fans and process-junkies (I need to work out how to create a slideshow within the WordPress iOS app – any tips gratefully received!)

2 thoughts on “The Golden Herringbone Cape

    • Thanks, Sandie 😊 I have taken the occasional order for jumpers (since I was 14!) but I’d want to test that I can replicate the cape, and work out how long it would take without giving myself RSI 😂, before promising that I could, let alone for money, but I’d like to.
      I am planning an Etsy store for smaller items (particularly hand woven and embroidered bookmarks of many lengths) but I am thinking about garments, too, Sue suggested I make one, exclusive, cape each year, which would allow me to take my time around study and execute it properly. But I could always take colour and size suggestions for my next test garment from family 😊 Let’s chat!


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