Menu planning through brain fog.

Talking to my naturopath, Natasha (@bmcomphealth on Instagram 😊) is so inspiring! After our phone-session, this afternoon, I had an idea for tackling #menuplanning with #spoonie #brainfog (which isn’t bad, today, obviously) Thought I’d share in case it’s of use to anyone.

With inspiration from childhood mix-and-match books, I’ve taken an A5  spiral bound @whitelinespaper notebook and sliced the pages into 4 (leaving them attached to the spiral binding). On the first page I’ve labeled each quarter with a part of a meal: Vegetables; Dressings, Sauces, Dips etc; Proteins; Combo Dishes (like stews, soups etc)

Gradually, I’m going to add all my favourite dishes to their section, with ingredients for a shopping list and book & page reference if it’s someone else’s recipe.

The protein dishes get an extra measurement: S.I. for “Sleep Index” as eating protein challenges my digestive system and make me tired (animal protein will put me to sleep within 20 mins!) The Sleep Index will let me plan for light S.I. meals if I have plans or projects I want to be awake for after the meal 😊

This will probably take a few weeks to set up (without over-doing it) but then I’ll be able to menu plan just by mixing and matching the different elements without having to refer to all my recipes every time (I don’t even try to remember them anymore!) By doing it on a #whitelines notebook, I can take a scan of each meal as a single page and then use those scans to make my shopping lists!

We’ll see how it goes underpressure on a high brainfog day 😜

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