Twining a tapestry warp.

Monday, October 30, 2017

More twining today. Twining is the process of weaving some more warp thread horizontally through the warps at the base of the piece to bring the back and front warps together. The horizontal thread is doubled over and woven over and under, while also twisting them over themselves – in other words, it’s three times (if not more) the work of a normal weft row and the tension must be held while also keeping the sett properly spaced!

 I’m sure this would be hard going for anyone but this spoonie with arthritis in her spine is finding it very hard, but also meditative as there is no rushing it. I started this two days ago and have done about 40 warps a day (I have approx 300 to do at 10 epi), and have found a few ways to make it easier, like inserting a knitting needle to create a kind of a shed with multiple rear warps at once, but if it takes me 10 days, then it takes me 10 days. After all, warping is weaving, too!

Tuesday October 31st, 2017


Yesterday I said that this might take me a few more days because twining can’t be rushed but I had forgotten that one can get better at it! I got into a swing yesterdat and I finished quickly this morning. I think the hardest thing about it, in the end, was stopping with only 3 inches to go, last night, because I’ve promised myself not to push through my pain like I usually do. Thanks to doing that, though, I was done within an hour of waking (yes, yes, I should have had breakfast first but let’s not get crazy with this “looking after yourself” stuff! )

An instragram friend said she hadn’t quite understood what twining was from the pictures I posted, so today I took this shot from the side, to show how the twining (neat the bottom of the loom) is pulling the warps at front and back together so that they are almost aligned, as they will be when the tapestry is a completed, flat piece of fabric. Obviously, the weft will also do this as it is woven in but twining first means that the weft of the tapestry doesn’t have to fight against the tension that the warp is under while weaving. 

Nearly ready to start with the weft and get some colour in, now. Just need to attach and trace the cartoon! 

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