Making the cartoon for my first tapestry.

My back needed a break from sitting at the loom and twining, today, so I worked on my #cartoon for my tapestry. Iā€™m pretty chuffed at the result, being a person who cannot draw to save her life!

I was able to produce this using an app called #stitchsketch on my iPad that allows you to import a photo over which you can trace the parts you want, then turn that tracing into a pdf. It worked like a dream, I traced the colour patches (created by the intensity of #autumn light hitting various parts of the mountains) I blew up the pdf, printed it in A4 parts and just now finished tracing it onto some tracing cloth I use for sewing patterns.

Next step: attach it to the #loom and trace it onto the warp with one of my fountain pen inks (I noticed they use Waterman inks – or at least some kind of ink they kep in Waterman bottles – at the Gobelin, so why not me, too šŸ˜ŠšŸ˜)

Screenshot from StitchSketch on the iPad. Ā ( )

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