The joys of country life!

We are very lucky to have a little creek at the bottom of our garden so we are visited by all sorts of birds. We have a gorgeous blue-grey heron that comes daily, a little family if kookaburras, who I regularly see chasing away an enormous raven, and a family of magpies who sing beautifully at all hours of the day.I began putting wild bird seed out some time ago, sprinkling it on the grassand a family of magpies started to come whenever I put it out. Then a friend told me they like peanuts so, having no peanuts in the house, I put the seed in a dish and a few cashews on top, so that I could tell if they’d been eaten. Fifteen minutes later, I glanced out to see 6 magpies sitting by the dish – cashews gone, waiting for more.

That first day, I grabbed some more cashews and walked out as quietly as I could but, of course, they flew off. I left cashews each day for a couple of weeks, then they started coming to the decking and calling to me. Now, this lovely boy comes to the chair by the back door and sings a little to get my attention (and cashews) every day, with his brother in tow. I think they watch for activity in the kitchen and living room.

For a while he’d fly off when I came and I’d toss the, raw, cashew to him but now he waits and takes it from my hand. Another boy (you can see him on the tower of pots, behind) comes with him but is not so brave and won’t come more than 3 feet from me, so I still toss him the nuts. They also have a sister who won’t come until I’ve left more cashews in the little pot on the top of the pot tower and gone back inside. They all sing when they’ve had their fill and it is bliss! 

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