Ingredients delivery services aren’t just for those who can’t cook… they’re for those who can’t think, too!

We have used one ingredients delivery service or another for around a year, now, and I love it for so many reasons.

First, it helps my mental health by removing the decision-making requirement of meal planning. When you live with chronic pain, your brain is only up to so many decisions in a day and I’d rather use mine for writing my novels!

Second, and related to the first, it brings me joy. I LOVE to cook, I’ve loved it well enough and long enough to have become quite good at it and if it weren’t for this service I’d probably be stuck on a boring routine of the few recipes I can think of in my brain fog. Because the ingredients are fresh, not cooked meals, I get to actually cook – often substituting ingredients to step things up a notch (sesame or peanut oil instead of the more common oils most people might have in the pantry, a little smoked salt instead of plain, vino cotto in a dressing instead of balsamic etc.)

Third, but not least, so,so much less waste! Even on my best day I could not plan our meals and shopping down to the last needed ingredient, like they do. In Japan we came close because where we lived, the supermarkets catered for single salarymen, so everything was in single lots and we simply bought two of everything. Here in Australia, though, except for the week of the farmers market, we have to buy our food at supermarkets, which still cater to that nuclear family of four, making variety either a complex puzzle, impossible, or wasteful!

So, if you’ve been considering any of the various ingredients delivery services, I say go for it. 😊

Griddling naan to go with red lentil and spinach dahl from our first week of recipes from @marleyspoonau So delicious!

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