Winter is in Ballan and it’s wonderful.

The Second Saturday of each month is Stock-the-pantry day as the Farmers Market is in Ballan. All my favourites were there today so the basket was quickly full! Some of this month’s goodies are for the fabulous Women Who Write and are coming to a self-publishing workshop on Sunday 21st of May. 

In the cotton bag is some fabulous meatfrom Brookland Free Range Farms, including a silverside – something I’ve always associated with Winter because Granny made such delicious corned beef in her big pot I thought of as “the cauldron” but have never tried to make myself. I did my recipe research then found I didn’t have any cloves so I abandoned the recipe and trusted my instincts – and it worked! It was so tender that even after letting it chill it was falling apart under my very sharp knife! Of course 3/4 of the work was the magnificent beef and I think the other key was using Maggie Beer’s vino cotto instead if vinegar and brown sugar 👌😘

I hope your change of seasons is as delightful xoxo  

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