Coming Soon! The War of Wind and Moon by Darcy Conroy.



I’m so excited to announce this next project—not only is it a story I’ve been trying to get a handle on since I was 15, it may just be the scariest thing I’ve done as a writer and, in many ways an audio producer because I’ll be podcasting this serial, too… in my own voice. When you’ve produced voices like Stephanie Daniel, Deidre Rubenstein and Humphrey Bower (to take the dangerous step of naming just three), trying not to judge yourself by such standards is a challenge but challenging myself is at least part of the point!

When I first started writing ‘live’ on Wattpad to complete my pre-edit draft of As Long As She Lives, I was terrified at the prospect of making my work public. By the end of the experience I was over the fear and loved every moment. It changed my writing in ways I never expected and I fell in love with serial fiction as a medium. When I realised this story, which I’d never been able to squish into a single screenplay or novel, was a perfect fit for a serial I was thrilled and the development was a joy I’ve needed in the past several months.

Season One will begin on March 31st in text on Wattpad and WordPress (on it’s own site to keep the story itself separate from my blog posts) and in podcast on Podbean and Soundcloud and YouTube. The first chapter is currently with my beta readers and I’ll be editing and recording the first few chapters before the start date so that I’m not pushing deadline every week but I’m still writing ‘live’. Without further ado, I present the teaser for The War of Wind and Moon! (hint: don’t scroll away from the player if you want to read along with the text!)

If you’ve read my other work, you might notice that WoWaM is almost a hybrid between The Shadowkeeper, a fantasy with an 8 yr old female protagonist and As Long As She Lives, a contemporary thriller with a 28 year old female protagonist. WoWaM’s protagonist, Mia, is 17 yrs old and the story has supernatural elements but they are a little darker, there’s plenty of action, some very bad bad-guys to deal with and, of course, a little romance.

To get a taste of the story you can listen to the podcast trailer here. If you like what you hear (or if you just want to support me in this terrifying endeavour) please do subscribe for email updates via the box below. If you know someone else who might enjoy it, please do share it about!

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