As Long As She Lives is published!

The day has arrived. As Long As She Lives is published!
As of today, the eBook is available in Kindle format from Amazon and ePub from Kobo, worldwide. Other retailers, including e-Sentral and iBooks will follow as soon as their servers update!

I have put the links to several of the Amazon world sites on the new As Long As She Lives book page but you should be able to find it anywhere in the world. As each retailer goes live I will be adding the live link to the “Buy Now” area on the As Long As She Lives book page. If you want to see which retailers I’m waiting for I have put their logos underneath the live purchase links on the same page. If I have missed your favourite eBook retailer, please do let me know and I’ll do my best to contact them.

Paperback copies are also on their way in the next couple of weeks. Next Wednesday I will be sharing some very exciting news about exactly when and where the paperbacks will be available. If you haven’t already, do  subscribe to the blog or my mailing list to be sure you don’t miss the announcement!

I can hardly believe that this is finally happening! Thank you to everyone for all your support the last few years – friends, family, my darling husband, my editors (yes, there were two!) and all my wonderful Wattpad readers! You have all been a part of making this dream come true.

Thank you and Happy Reading!



2 comments on “As Long As She Lives is published!”
  1. WooHoo!!Happy Book Birthday my friend!!
    So thrilled for you!
    Wishing you many, many, many sales….
    You did it! You did the work and you accomplished it!
    Enjoy this moment!


  2. Thank you Kimmie! Your support was a big part of it, too. Even a self-published novel is a team effort!I will take some time to enjoy but still madly busy today. Tonight I will stop to open the champagne with Mike 😀


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