1 Million reads and a map!

As I was working with my editor Ann on the line edit of As Long As She Lives, my lovely Wattpad readers brought my “read” count to 1 million! I am truly as surprised and delighted now as I was when I wrote my first “thank you” post at reaching 200 reads – every single reader who gives my work their time is cherished. Thank you!
Thank you also to the Wattpad staff who have now implemented some reader statistics which let me know a little more about you all, including where you are reading from. It turns out that you are spread over the world more diversely than I had thought. I had some idea, of course, from those of you who vote and comment and the emails I receive from those too shy or otherwise unable to sign up for an account on Wattpad but the vast majority of readers do none of that. The map below represents this month’s approx. 1000 unique readers only (assuming it is the same as the rest of the statistics we are given) but it is an interesting snapshot.


On the Wattpad site I can hover over the map and it tells me that US readers make up 35% of readers, 13% of you are in the Philippines, 7% in each of the UK and India and 5% of in my current home, Australia and the rest of you are spread out right across the globe, including Africa which of course means so much because of the geopolitical background of the novel. As a lover of travel and exploring cultures different to my own I have to admit that being read in so many countries puts a little glow of pride in my heart 🙂

As regular readers of this blog and followers of my Wattpad profile will know, I have been nutting out just how I can thank you more tangibly when I release As Long As She Lives, in the form of discounts and early supporter bonuses (bookmarks and signed copies, if you’d like them etc.) and I think I may have worked out a way. It’s a little unorthodox but I want to reach as many readers in as many countries as possible, so I have to be a little ingenious 😉  I will be sending out the information to the mailing list in a few weeks, once I can set a firm release date, and will post about it here soon after. If you haven’t yet subscribed for updates, now is the time!

As always, whatever you are reading and/or writing may it bring happiness to you!


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