Join me on The Long Road

Hi everyone!I’m doing a little un-asked-for spruiking for fellow writer and all round great guy, Craig Griffith, today. #Storycraft chatters will know Craig as @WorkshopCraig but what you may not know is that his screenwriter’s insight and positive, supportive nature have been missed at the chat the last few months because he’s been busy making his own movie: The Long Road.


The film is a third of the way through shooting and the crew are now using crowdfunding site Indiegogo to help him finish the film. I’ve invested what little I can and I’m hoping you will consider joining me (even $5 makes you a film investor!)

I can tell you from previous experience crowd-funding films that watching the blog posts and emails as the film progresses, knowing you have even the tiniest stake in it is an entirely different experience to just – say – watching the production vlogs of a giant blockbuster which you can only imagine being part of!
I really think this is going to be a special movie, so I hope you’ll join me!

Checkout the pitch video on The Long Road Indiegogo Page or, if you’re not sure you want to go to the site, yet, you can watch it below.

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