As Long As She Lives Update: Gone Editin’

Annotated ManuscriptI LOVE having an editor – it’s such a luxury to be able to talk about the detail of my story with someone who isn’t trapped in a corner at a party! But I’m getting ahead of myself.
After several quotes and sample edits from various editors and “editing services” (which I’ve learned is basically code for “automated grammar and spell-checking services”)  I found an editor! I started with some recommendations from writer friends working in the US and the UK, but I soon realized that I needed an editor familiar with the seemingly odd mix of British spelling and American cultural influences which are a part of my Australian “voice. I turned to the Editors Victoria site, made requests for two more sample edits and quotes, and found a lovely woman whose experience I respected, who made it clear she would stand up to me when my work needed it, and who shared my passion for Story.  We hit it off, and now I have an editor!

(I haven’t asked for my editor’s permission to name her in my blog, yet, so excuse my rude overuse of the feminine pronoun for this post.)

I received her first report followed by a hard copy of my manuscript with her pencil annotations, last week, and we had a wonderful meeting over the phone on Monday.  We talked through her notes, and the solutions I’d come up with, some of which are more drastic changes than she expected but which she agreed would be worth the extra work, and so by the end of the call, I had a plan for revisions, and a tentative deadline.

The first few chapters and the last chapter will be the most work – I’m going to almost completely re-write them (though some of it is a return to earlier draft ideas – I am the queen of second-guessing myself.) I won’t be changing the draft of As Long As She Lives which is already on Wattpad, I want to do this polishing in private and then present the fully edited version as a whole, first to my editor and, at some stage, if all goes well, as a published novel.

So, apologies in advance for a slower than usual response to comments on Wattpad, or Facebook, and even less regular blog posts for the next month as I get down to work!



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