The Shadowkeeper is now on Wattpad

My screenplay, The Shadowkeeper, is now up on Wattpad – as they say – for your consideration”. Now that there are more films with female protagonists, I’ve decided I’m going to try shopping The Shadowkeeper again, so I thought I’d post it alongside As Long As She Lives, and see how my readers like it. It will also be interesting to see how many of the readers of ALASL, which is contemporary suspense, are interested in fantasy, since my next novel, will be a mixture of contemporary suspense and fantasy!
Due to the formatting limitations of Wattpad, I couldn’t present it in standard screenplay format, so I’ve included a note on the changes I’ve made, and the major differences between novels and screenplays, at the beginning.

I do hope you’ll give it a read!

Cover Design © Darcy Conroy  Image © frozenstarro - The Shadowkeeper: Feature Screenplay

Genre:  Adventure Fantasy (Animated or Live action/CG)

LoglineA young girl arouses the wrath of an ancient Scottish water spirit and must beg help and prove herself to each of the totem animal spirits of Britain if she is to rescue her brother’s soul from The Shadowkeeper’s lair.

Pages: 97

Budget: 10M+

Competition progress (under my married name: D. B. Ruschena):

Quarterfinalist Academy Nicholl Fellowship 2005

Quarterfinalist Page International 2005

Finalist ScriptP.I.M.P. Competition 2005

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