250,000+ Reads on Wattpad – Thank You!

256x379 Hanging flowers Cen Goth Huge GreenI can hardly believe I’m writing this post. When my latest draft of  As Long As She Lives was Featured on Wattpad  on January 3rd (just under 12 months after I began posting it, as I wrote it), I was genuinely thrilled to have passed 30,000 reads; when I completed the draft, on January 27th, it had hit 200,000 and has now passed 250,000 reads. Any way you calculate that, it means that thousands of you (many more than follow this blog, I know lol) have taken the time to read Cait’s story – some of you in a single day – and that is truly a joy and an honour.
Many of you have also taken the time to comment, send me PMs or emails which have been overwhelmingly positive – sometimes touching me deeply – and, again, I thank you. I’ve been particularly delighted with the response to the ending – I wasn’t sure how well it would go down in an action/suspense novel, to have the protagonist’s power come from within, rather than from a weapon, but it was important to me to try. In the same way that I still don’t believe my protagonist in The Shadowkeeper would be “wasted on a girl”, I really believe characters like Cait can be heroes in action suspense stories despite their lack of martial arts training, and their genuine reluctance to kill.

I always intended to attempt to have ALASL published, but your response (some of them straight out requests for copies) has made me more determined to see that happen – one way or another. I have started an email list for those who might be interested in receiving updates on that progress – of course, if you follow this blog, you will likely be equally informed (I probably shouldn’t say such things if I want to “capture my audience” and “build my list”, but it’s going to take me a while to be comfortable with that kind of thing!)

I am now taking what is, for me, a “break” – dabbling with the two projects which have most tempted me while I was finishing As Long As She Lives, in order to decide which to pursue next. I know which my heart wants to do, it’s a matter of which has its own legs 🙂 Either way, unless I’m tempted to write some short stories, I won’t be posting on Wattpad until the next project is at a similar, late stage as ALASL was when I began posting it; I’ve learned so much in the past year, and I’ve already done the vast majority of research I need, so it shouldn’t take two years to get a solid draft or two down.

When I’ve had some time to let it percolate, I’ll write a post, or posts on the serialization experience on Wattpad. In the mean time, I’ll continue to do my best to keep replying to each comment and email.

As always, happy reading – I’ll be doing more of that, now, too!


*Cover Photo Credit: © Lucila De Avila Castilho | Dreamstime Stock Photos

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