Ira Glass on “The Gap”

I’m not stopping to write a big long blog post, just to post this video for all those beginning (and continuing) creative people who are doubting themselves, several of whom have recently contacted me via Wattpad. It says pretty much everything you need to know to persevere at what you want to do well, except for one thing; Despite what you’ve been told about self-confidence being “all you need”, doubt is actually more important to true success (if you are intellectually minded, check out the Dunning-Kruger effect.) If you don’t doubt, you’ll never get good at anything, simply because if you think everything you do is fabulous, you won’t know you need to improve, or want to learn how.
Of course, you also need enough self-confidence to persevere, but the perseverance is what is truly important – so here’s the video to help you with that (I watch this regularly!)

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