As Long As She Lives now Featured on Wattpad!

Hello everyone,I hope you all had a Happy New Year celebration and are ready to take on 2014.

To start my year, I can finally share some exciting news: As Long As She Lives is now a Featured Story on Wattpad! I received the invitation some time ago (on my 40th birthday, actually – lovely birthday present) but kept it to myself because it couldn’t be featured until it was closer to being finished. Now there are only 4 chapters to go, the Wattpad staff have kindly made it the first Feature for 2014.

For those of you who prefer to read complete stories, the last four chapters will be polished and posted soon, so if you follow me on Wattpad, or add the book to a reading list, you will be sent a notification when it’s done. I did plan on posting them for the New Year but the idea that I’d be able to write and edit to any quality during the holiday season was simply absurd! I promise I’m doing my very best to make the ending worth the wait!

For those who are not Wattpad members, you can read without registering, but if you register not only will you be notified of new chapters when they are posted, but you can also “vote” on each chapter and/or comment to let me know whether you enjoyed it or not – compliments and constructive criticism both gratefully accepted 🙂

So, I’d better get back to polishing those last chapters for you.

Happy Reading.


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