As Long As She Lives, Ch 18 Posted!

Hanging flowers Cen Goth Huge Green5Chapter 18 done and posted at FictionPress and Wattpad! I’ve never been so happy to be able say that!
Writing this one was rough!

Emotionally, Cait went through various mood swings over the course of writing – several versions of which did not make it to posting – and she was exhausting! My doctor in Thailand, who asked “Why don’t you just write about happy things?” might have had a point!

Structurally, getting the balance right was key – I had a purpose but there were so many different ways to do it, and – for some reason – I seemed to need to write them all to choose which I wanted. The posted wordcount is around 2600, the wordcount of the last 13 days is 18,500 – that’s fresh words, not counting cut-and-paste duplication!

So: Sleep now – actually, nurofen gel on my forearms, now, then sleep. Break from Keyboard, tomorrow and for the weekend.

Next week I start on chapter 19!

As Long As She Lives can be read at:  FictionPress and Wattpad

“After 4 years teaching in central Africa, 28 yr old Caitlyn Lancaster returns to Australia. She claims she’s fine, but her brother’s best friend, Detective Riley Duncan, recognizes PTS when he sees it, and uncovers what her family cannot be told. With Riley’s help, Cait will face the evil behind her return, to try to make a better future for the people she left behind.”

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