As Long As She Lives, Ch 13 Posted!

Chapter 13 is up on FictionPress and Wattpad, I hope it was worth the wait!
256x379 Hanging flowers Cen Goth Huge GreenThank you so much to everyone who has been reading, and commenting, and encouraging me while I have been moving home to Australia, from Thailand. It has meant so much to me that my little story didn’t get lost while I couldn’t update. I’m finally settled in, getting healthier and my aim is to update every 7 to 10 days – feel free to poke me if I haven’t!

Again, many thanks, I value your feedback enormously,


As Long As She Lives can be found at:  FictionPress and Wattpad

“After 4 years teaching in central Africa, 28 yr old Caitlyn Lancaster returns to Australia. She claims she’s fine, but her brother’s best friend, Detective Riley Duncan, recognizes PTS when he sees it, and uncovers what her family cannot be told. With Riley’s help, Cait will face the evil behind her return, to try to make a better future for the people she left behind.”

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