World Map of the first 1000 #Storycraft-ers!

Hello #Storycrafters!
@Story-Craft passed 1000 followers, this week, and I’ve had a little time in the hotel, today, before returning to the task of unpacking at the new place, so I thought it would be interesting to see from where in the world we all tweet. As it turns out, while most #storycrafters are in North America, and, of course, your hosts @AuthorKimKoning and @DarcyConroy are Antipodeans (New Zealand, and Australia, respectively) there are #storycrafters from Britain and Ireland, across Europe, right through down to the tip of India, scattered throughout Asia, Africa, and in South America! The language of Story truly is universal!

Below is the map of our first 1000 #storycrafters, you’ll also find it is now the long-needed cover photo for the Storycraft Chat Facebook Page – what better way to represent us all? The page only has 97 ‘likes’ at this point, though – does that mean only 10% of #storycrafters use Facebook as well as Twitter? It would be interesting to know – I know I struggle to keep them both up (and Pinterest, too, now) do let us know in the comments, what your thoughts are on #storycraft beyond twitter.

I have to head back to the apartment, now, and set up my computer so that I’m ready to re-join #storycraft the moment the internet is switched on! Don’t forget to follow Kim (@AuthorKimKoning) and I (@DarcyConroy), as well as @story_craft, to make sure you don’t miss any announcements, or the beginning of the first chat when I return to host, in a few weeks!

In the mean time, Happy Writing!


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