What a difference a curve makes!

It’s official, our Air Freight package, into which I put my ergonomic keyboard, and which should have been delivered to us a week ago, will not arrive till next week ūüė¶ So, yesterday, I broke down and bought a keyboard that is only a little bigger than my little tablet’s keyboard, but is slightly curved, so that I can get back to As Long As She Lives, without risking further RSI aggravation.¬†The little Bluetooth keyboard is¬†actually quite comfortable, and¬†I didn’t have a¬†light, travel-sized keyboard which¬†I could throw into my bag and spend a day at the library, or in a caf√©¬† –¬†so it won’t be a waste of money, either.
I’m hoping¬†to¬†get the next chapter¬†posted before all the¬†actual moving in and unpacking which will begin, next week (yay!) and the next chapter is going to be quite short, so¬†I might just be able to do it¬†– barring any more moving-related crises!

On with As Long As She Lives!

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