Changes afoot for #storycraft!

Hello #storycrafters! @DarcyConroy*, here, back in a #storycraft friendly timezone, and looking forward to tweeting with you all again, soon 🙂
@AuthorKimKoning and I have been catching up, and we have some exciting plans for #storycraft (at least, we’re excited!) First and foremost, we’ll soon be sharing hosting duties (I’m home in Melbourne, but in a hotel for a couple more weeks, and my computer is still en route from Bangkok), but we’re also having a re-think about how we use the blog, and various social media.

Don’t worry, #StoryCraft will continue at the usual time (Sundays, 3pm US Pacific/6pm US Eastern) and will be the same chat on the art of crafting story – all creation, no sales/publishing talk, during the chat – but we hope to offer you some more ways to share resources, connect with, and support each other outside of the chat (Like the Facebook page: and our – brand new – StoryCraftChat Pinterest account!)

The major change (as far as I’m concerned, as web-admin, at least)  is to move the blog to a new address ( hosted at, for various reasons, including helping those people who also have blogs to find us more easily. If you’re reading this post on the old blog site (which I’ll leave up while I’m transferring) then please do head over to the new site and ‘follow’ or bookmark us!

We did consider whether we needed a blog at all, with the Facebook page and Pinterest account, but we wanted #storycraft to have a home online for those #storycrafters who choose not partake of social media, beyond Twitter. It will also be handy for those times when Twitter overloads, or there is a holiday, and we need to let you know if the chat is still  on, or not.

I’m still working on all the techy stuff, though, so please bear with me while I get to know these new sites (for example, the countdown widget isn’t supported by, so I’ll have to find another way to do that.) If you have any wisdom, or suggestions to share, please do!

I hope that all this comes as good news, Kim has done such a wonderful job, these past 18 months, which is as long as I had hosted, before I went to Bangkok – #StoryCraft is 3 years old, this month! I am a little nervous about hosting again, because I know you all adore Kim, so I hope you’ll be gentle with me, and with each other, while I find my stride, again. 🙂

Tweet with you all soon!


*P.S. If you’re wondering “who is this @DarcyConroy upstart, claiming to be a previous #storycraft host?”, I don’t blame you! I used to host #storycraft using the @story_craft twitter account, to spare followers of my personal twitter account, @Danisidhe, the stream of the tweetchat. Now that I’m back, and Kim and I will be co-hosting, I don’t think it’s right for one of us to “be” @story_craft, and one not, so @story_craft will be an information and administrative account, and I will be participating with my new (pronounceable without knowing Gaelic!)  pen name account: @DarcyConroy.  (If you want to check up on me a little more 😉 , I have a writing blog at


One comment on “Changes afoot for #storycraft!”
  1. It’s great to have a central hub online that you control. Social media is useful, but those sites belong to other people who can change rules at will.
    Hmmm. Need to change my wordpress avatar, too. 🙂


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