We’re home!

We’re home in Melbourne! The last few days in Bangkok were some of my best, despite being incredibly stressful. Between tidying and organizing all the little things one has to in preparation for the locusts’ (the packers’) arrival at 9am on Monday, there were lots of goodbyes – more than I would have thought, for feeling so lonely, here. There was the big lunch with the Australian expat contingent of Anonymous Car Company, in Thailand; a lovely smaller lunch with just a few of the wives of the same; then the hardest, with a friend I have only recently made but with whom I had clicked in that rare way.

We met only about six weeks ago, when we had both left our apartments because the power was shut off for the day. We were both waiting for a taxi, to find somewhere to wait out the lack of electricity and we were chatting so happily we decided to jump into the same taxi and have lunch. We saw each other when we could, though it wasn’t often, and, on Sunday, we made time and went to a specialty tea “room”, called TWG, that we had both passed often but never tried. It was a lovely, positive way to spend the day before packing day! We chose from the tea menu, which was divided by country of origin, then blends (easily 100+ teas!) and we shared some magnificent sorbets: mint tea and green apple, and berry, black tea and caramel (we had the “sweet romance tea”, if you’re wondering 🙂 which had enough tannin to refresh the palate from the sweet sorbets – I highly recommend them!

Monday was spent overseeing the packing and uplift, listening in to the inspection and negotiation with management, and then we raced to the phone stores to shut our phones off. (For those looking at phones in Thailand, yet again I was struck by how poorly AIS compared to True Move – 20 mins to close the account there, and I had to pay the full month even though I was 5 days into the new month – at True Move, Superman was charged prorate and the whole thing took 3 minutes!) When we’d finished, we went to a Japanese restaurant which we had never noticed, before, and had some comfort food before the flight – salmon sashimi and agedashi tofu, for me –  it was all wonderful and, again, I found myself wishing we’d found the restaurant earlier!

Then there was nothing to do but get to the airport, say goodbye to our lovely driver (someone else who might have made BKK much more pleasant had we known him earlier) and wait for our midnight plane. As you can imagine, the 9 hour flight went relatively quickly – sleep came easily!

On the way from the airport, I snapped a shot of my city, which has changed a lot in six years and my shot was photo-bombed by an Ironman 3 billboard! I don’t mind at all, though, because good cinemas are something I have been craving!

So, having collapsed into bed at 9p.m. and woken at midnight, I’m writing this at 2a.m. which is still only 10pm in BKK. Superman is, of course, still sleeping soundly. We spent the first few hours home in a daze of exhaustion, settling into our temporary accommodation, from where we will hunt for somewhere to live. When I’ll be able to get some proper writing done, I’m not sure – getting home was only the beginning!

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