A note on the serialization experiment, so far.

Serializing As Long As She Lives on the reading sites has been a wonderful experience, so far, and not only because of the kind reviews, and the thrill of knowing others are getting to know and care about my characters. The commitment of posting each chapter is helping me to focus my ideas, stop second guessing my choices, and keep the work moving forward. The necessary delay between postings also keeps me thinking about the importance of the dynamics of each individual chapter, so that each one has something to pull the reader back in to the story, and make them want to return for the next chapter. The trick will be not to make it too episodic, because it does feel awfully like breaking a TV script, and I don’t want to fall into old habits (unless it works, I guess!) Despite all that awareness, I’m also having a ball!Chapter 7 will be tricky, the first major question will be answered, so I’ll need to be careful to introduce the next one, and make the (very high) stakes very clear, to make up for that release of reader tension.

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