Bangkok, you have defeated me.

Posts and photos from our trip to Japan for another New Year at the Atsuta Shrine, will come, but today, big news: We’ve got about 10 weeks left in Thailand, slight possibility we might be home for my birthday!After feeling so much better after just a couple of days in Japan, barely needing any asthma medication other than the occasional ventolin puff, despite walking around outside for hours, brushing my teeth with tap water and not needing my gastro meds at all (not even after showering!), the Bangkok air and water hit me like a brick, upon our return. I broke down (again) and (finally) told Superman I can’t take it anymore. His boss was great about it (though what was he going to say in the face of $400 a month of medication and the cost of 34 specialist appointments and three days of hospitalization, in the first 6 months we were here) and we’re starting the process of shortening his contract and organizing the move.

Whether I’ll stay here for the whole 10 weeks, or leave early is the next question. I could take an early repatriation, but that would be the full “moving” experience and I’m just not sure I have the physical or emotional reserves to do that on my own, at the moment, so we’ll have to see. Frankly, I’m not sure I have the emotional reserves to be without Michael for even that long (says the girl who trotted off by herself to a remote house in New Zealand, for 2 months, in 2009 – I am sooo not myself!)

So, lots of decisions to make, but, overall – yay!
Nope, that doesn’t cut it:

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