New Year 2012 in Bangkok

Happy New Year! Spending the New Year right in the heart of Bangkok was quite an experience. There are fireworks sites all over the city, one was the building we look at from our living room and my office (see photo left of smoke between salvos) another was (I assumed the roof) of a friend’s hotel, which we could see from our bedroom. It was quite fun being at the 29th floor and seeing the fireworks blossom at our eye level!
There were many more that we could see in the far distance around the city (watch the horizon carefully in the video below) but it wasn’t the twinkling lights which struck me most – it was the sound!  I couldn’t help but think that this must be at least close to what it is like being in a city being bombarded – especially when the big ones were set off and the whole building throbbed. I went out on the balcony and recorded this video to try to capture the sheer noise of it. The video is not visually interesting but it goes a little way to getting it across.

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