Thai Flood Update

A quick update, mostly for friends and family, on the flood situation as it pertains to us.

Anonymous Car Concern has put the families of ICTs on notice that we might be requested to co-operate with being required to voluntarily temporarily repatriate, should the situation become more uncertain. (I’m not making up that language…) Seriously, though, apparently the waters are finally making their way into the city. The ‘levees’ I was hearing about being built so quickly in mid October, appear now to have been made of sandbags (interesting tactic for handling something which happens every year, one way or another, but oh well.) From what I can tell, while they are holding, it seems the water is seeping through the sandbags but that this is by design – they were only meant/expected to slow the waters down rather than stop or divert them.

If anyone really becomes concerned and you are looking up maps etc.… officially we are in an area which is considered to be a possible flood risk, “Klongtoei” sometimes spelled “Klong Toey”, but we are on the furthest, Eastern edge of it, away from the river and very close to the areas which they believe will not flood. As has always been the case, the main problems we are likely to face, if any, is a worsening of the supply situation, which we are already experiencing in supermarkets, and any crisis which might arise if some infrastructure loses the battle with the water.

As to the voluntary repatriation (of which 109 family members have apparently already taken advantage) I’ve told Superman to tell them that I’m not repatriating unless he does – if it’s safe for him to be here, I’m not going anywhere.

For the next few days, though, assuming the international airport doesn’t close before our flight, tomorrow, we will be right out of the whole situation, spending our 10th wedding anniversary in Hong Kong – so you can all stop worrying till late Sunday night, when we return. Of course, if the international airport closes while we’re away, then we’ll be out of it for a bit longer – we’ll let you know 😉

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