#Storycraft Starter for Sep 18th: Character = Plot?

This chat starter was planned for a chat without me, while I was still in the midst of moving, but which did not eventuate, so I’m very glad to be able to be part of it, after all! The starter comes from the Wordplay blog in the form of a guest post by author David Baboulene, who discusses the issue of plot as character and vice versa. This is a topic which often comes up in #storycraft, albeit in various guises, and it seems that this is not a hypothesis universally accepted, so I thought it should make for a good chat.Here is Baboulene’s introduction:

Plot is character, and character is plot, because as soon as a character takes a meaningful action, his action is driving your plot (whether you like it or not). Conversely, as soon as an event happens which elicits a meaningful reaction from your character, then his true character begins developing in the eyes of the audience (whether you like it or not).

For the rest you’ll have to duck over here.You will find a well argued case, and one that has a structure which should be able to take us right through #storycraft! I will declare that, by and large, I was in his camp before I read it, and remain so, but I will be interested to see how those who are not of the same mind address each of his points. I’m sure that #storycrafters of differing opinions will allow each other the chance to put their case.


Remember, the new time for #storycraft is Sunday 10pm Bangkok time (that’s +7) – just check the countdown in the sidebar to see what time it will be for you.
See you soon!









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