In Limbo

IMGP0209It is the evening of Tuesday August 23rd, the house we’ve lived in for the past 17 months is empty and we are installed in the preferred hotel of Anonymous Car Concern – the same one we spent a month in as we hunted for the above mentioned house, 17 months ago. Just how transient we are was driven home when the check-in form we were presented had our Japan address on it, and we had to update it to our Thai one (which I now know by heart, having entered it on so many forms in the past few days.)

So, we are in limbo. Superman is playing what appears to be Angband on his laptop and I’m writing this terribly self –indulgent piece which is more journal entry than blog post while, in the corner of the room,  James, Jeremy and Richard re-enact the journey of the 3 wise men, only in cars rather than on camels (equally self-indulgent but far more entertaining for their audience and fun for them.)  Tomorrow, the house will be cleaned, the morning after it will be inspected and keys turned over before we head to the airport to start our next stint as international expats (instead of just interstate expats, as we have been here.) I’m looking forward to it, even excited somewhere deep down but right now I’m just too tired to feel anything that I don’t want to banish with Panadol.

When we do get to Bangkok, I will be focusing this blog on information about adjusting to living in the city, using the same principals I did in Japan: if I go looking for information on something and find that there is little that helps me, I’ll muddle my way through as best I can and then write a blog post about what I discovered, in the hopes that it will help the next person looking for similar information. I should note that my advice about life in Bangkok will be from the point of view of an expat wife in the city for a long(ish) period, not a backpacker moving through or someone scrimping on money (though not wasting it, either) so it may not suit everyone, but there is very little easily accessible advice for expat wives, while there is plenty of information for backpackers – both on the web and in heavy, print tomes in bookstores – so I feel no remorse in helping to fill that gap. Of course, there will also be the “isn’t this astonishing” posts and the odd photography, gadget geek, ink obsession and writing posts, so you’ll have to forgive a little self-indulgence amidst the expat wife help.

For now, it’s goodnight and see you on the other side of the equator, when we have arrived in what will be the 40th home of my life.

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