Moving From Flickr to Smugmug

SmugMug_SplashWhen we first moved to Japan, I reunited with a high school flame: photography, albeit digital. I was brought up with a Pentax SLR, and was lucky enough to have both a teacher at Primary School and an Aunt who showed me the magic of images appearing on wet, blank paper, at an early age (they probably wouldn’t let kids that age into a darkroom with all those fumes, these days!) When I moved out of home, I lost access to the SLR and didn’t have the money to go digital, being a Uni student, so I left it for many years. Japan was the best reason I could think of to get back into it! Digital photography may not have the magic of the darkroom but it does have the magic of unlimited exposures and instant review, which makes the initial, technical learning curve a little faster – the art takes a lifetime.
I’ve been using Flickr since 2008 but the lack of control over how my images are displayed, not to mention the utter lack of style has always annoyed me, so, in preparation for what I envisage to be a photography-inspiring couple of years in Bangkok, I’ve moved to Smugmug. If you’re interested, my photos can now be found at

Below, there should be an embedded slideshow of some of my favourite shots since getting my DSLR – let’s see how it works!

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