Re: #StoryCraft for next two weeks…

Hello #StoryCrafters!

As many of you will be aware, I will be spending the next week in Bangkok, looking for somewhere for my husband and I to live for the next couple of years. I haven’t yet come up with a solution to the whole time zone issue after we move, but for the next two weeks, at least, I am going to do the same thing I did while I had my friends visiting from America: schedule a #Storycraft Starter post to go live 15mins before chat is due to start.  Anyone who wants to come together for #storycraft can then use the post as a kick-off and see where it takes you, without me there to drag you back on topic! 

If I get the chance and see that you have had a #storycraft chat about the topic, I’ll see if I can post a transcript – it will all depend upon web connections and the level of exhaustion caused by going from a Sydney winter – about 9C/48F each day – to a Bangkok rainy season – about 35C/95F with 80-100% humidity everyday…

When we return from our house hunting trip, we will have approximately three weeks to prepare for the move, which will be stressful enough but one of those I will need to spend in Melbourne (our actual home town, which I have not seen since 2007) to help our 17 yr. old cat settle in with my best friend, because we cannot take her with us, as we did to Japan. So, the Starter posts may continue until we are settled in Thailand and I can work out just how little brain I have at 5a.m. (which is #Storycraft Time in Bangkok.)  I’ll keep you posted – riveted to these posts as I know you are Winking smile

I look forward to the next time that I’m able to host a chat properly but until then,

Happy Writing to you all!


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