No, we didn’t fall off the mountain…

IMGP5125I’m afraid I have to report that I didn’t make it to the summit. Those who know the Kosciusko summit will laugh because it’s really more of a walk than a climb but with winds gusting to 45km at Charlotte’s pass, where we began, and the first snow of the season a few days beforeIMGP0035 (a month early), my Aussie city coat, no gloves, no hat and, oh yeah, no water or provisions, I probably should have predicted I wasn’t going to make it far. I made it about 2km before Superman insisted that he take me back to the car and I had to give in –  I couldn’t feel my fingers or my knees, and I couldn’t think for the dehydration headache that had begun (a medication I began a few months ago warned against dehydration and I’m going to take it seriously now!) However, the trip there and back was lovely and our American friends, who are used to snow and were dressed more appropriately (Caesar in a Drizabone we’d given him in Japan,) made it to the top and that, since it was the only ‘must do’ on their list,  was the most important thing.

Caesar & Augusta disappearing into the snowier clims

Caesar & Augusta disappearing into the snowier climbs.
The snow was knee deep and the wind 45km/hr. nearing the summit!

It was so lovely to see our friends from Japan again and we look forward to visiting them in the States, hopefully some time next year, and having them visit us in Thailand, too. 

The day after Caesar and Augusta left, Thai lessons began. This thing is really happening.

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