Road Trip! Oh yeah, and we’re going to climb a mountain.

Sydney to KosciuszkoSeriously. As this post goes live to the interwebs, Superman, Caesar, Augusta and I should be leaving whatever accommodations we found on Saturday night and heading off to climb Mt. Kosciuszko, the highest mountain in Australia. As the Wikipedia entry reveals, the previous sentence sounds more impressive that it should be (anyone who knows me in person will have worked that out from the sheer fact that I’m attempting it.) Apparently you can drive up to the last 8km and, from there, it’s relatively flat so it should be pretty walk, albeit cold, since snow has already fallen in the area (ski season starts in June/July, usually.) Nevertheless, it will be a challenge for me, what with the lack of fitness (though I have been going to a gym, lately – don’t faint) and the whole asthma thing, which started in Japan, so if I get even close to the top and get some pretty photos, I’ll be happy; if I make it to the top, I’ll be ecstatic, and have some better photos for a post when we return.
If you want to see exactly how far South we drove on Saturday to get here, the pics should link to the google map.

Send strength and good weather vibes our way!


Kosciuszko map


One comment on “Road Trip! Oh yeah, and we’re going to climb a mountain.”
  1. Anonymous says:

    […] afraid I have to report that I didn’t make it to the summit. Those who know the Kosciusko summit will laugh because it’s really more of a walk than a climb […]


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