Visiting the Three Sisters

Three Sisters Close UpSuperman and I took Caesar and Augusta up to the Blue Mountains on Sunday. Since we only had the one day, we headed straight for Echo Point to see the Three Sisters, the rock formation pictured left. Like many Australians, and tourists, I have always been under the impression that the formation is named “the Three Sisters” after an indigenous dreamtime legend in which three sisters fell in love with men with whom they were forbidden to marry, according to tribal law. The sisters were then captured (either by their lovers, or their father) and, pining for their loved ones, looking in the direction in which they lived, they turned to stone. According to Wikipedia, though, the story is apparently in doubt and there is a suggestion that the “dreamtime legend” was a marketing trick made up in the 1920s. Either way, the view from Echo Point (just near Katoomba) is spectacular.
Superman and our visitors also walked a trail from the Echo Point lookout, through the forest and up to a place, rather generically, named Scenic World, while I took some more photos, then drove the car round to meet them. The walk was apparently only mildly strenuous because of some steps and, were it not for some muddy patches, everyday flat shoes would be fine. They saw some beautiful forest, the Katoomba Falls and some modern cave painting (of the “Wazza waz ere” kind) and enjoyed the walk.  At Scenic World there is a little kiosk/cafe, a restaurant which was closed at 5pm on a Sunday, and three ‘rides’ you could take – a cable car over the canopy, a steep old coal train and a cable car both of which could take you down to the base of the gorge and back again (or down in one, up in the other or any combination you’d like.) We decided that it was time for us to be going to see some other things, but Scenic World was certainly very popular.

We then went up the road to explore a blacksmith’s gallery we’d heard about before returning to Katoomba for dinner at a Greek restaurant which was just the thing to warm us up before the 2hour trip home. All in all a great start to Caesar’s and Augusta’s Australian trip!

The slideshow below only has four photos in it but I pulled out my fisheye lens, for a couple of them, to try to capture the sheer size of the vista – do full screen it, if you can. If for some reason the slideshow does not load, you can click here to go directly to Flickr.

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