The Up Side

PENTAX Optio M502-9-2009 8-57-43 AM141Almost two years ago, to the day, I wrote a post titled “The Down Side”, about the friends that you make as an expat and the sadness of saying good bye, when their expat contract comes to an end. I wrote the, rather lengthy, post about a specific couple, “Caesar” and “Augusta” with whom Superman and I had become very close and travelled all over Japan (including to Sapporo Snow Festival and Brewery, where they helped the Australians make their first snowman, pictured left.) I think we had known each other for little more than a week when we first went away together for a weekend, driving for for three hours either way and, thinking about it now, it could have been a disaster!
This post is titled “The Up Side” because the up side of those kinds of friendships, forged in the fires of working out how to live in a new country without speaking the language, can become lifelong ones. As this post goes to publication, Superman and I are at the airport (or should be any moment) to meet Caesar and Augusta and bring them home for two weeks (and keep them trapped at the Arkham Horror game board for 14days and nights MUWHAHAAHAHAA!) Actually, I’m probably crying at least a little, because I do that at the drop of a soppy hat – maybe they’ll be too tired to notice.

The other great thing about their visit is that we will become tourists in Sydney, with them, and I might just be able to come up with some positive posts about things worth going out of your way to do, here. I might, possibly post during their visit, but more likely after.  Winking smile

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