Countdown to Bangkok has begun.

Mike & Brigie in JapanWe knew it would start close to Superman’s project launch and, sure enough, during the very week of the launch the emails have come in. Relocation consultants touching base, cultural training consultants doing the same and all asking when we plan to go over for our house hunting trip (as though we know.) It has begun. If you’re a regular reader of this blog (not that there are many of you) you might be wondering why there have been no exclamation marks in this paragraph yet. The truth is, as excited as I am to be going on this adventure, the first decision we have to make is making me a little sad, potentially devastated if it goes the way it looks to be going.
When we went to Japan, there was no question that Brigie, our cat, would come with us – and she did. Thailand is not so clear cut. Thailand is not an Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service approved country, so before  she can return to Australia, she will have to spend 30days in quarantine and 5 months in boarding in Singapore. Brig handled the travel and quarantine back and forth between Sydney and Japan like a trooper (she wasn’t happy with us for a few days, either side, but she was fine) but she’s 17 yrs. old now, which means she’ll be 19 when she has to go on her trip into Singapore and I’m not sure that putting her through all that wouldn’t be plain cruel – and it’s all moot if Anonymous Car Concern won’t pay the enormous additional cost.

I’m not giving up, I’m still hunting for a solution that would allow her to come with us but I’m on a deadline because having a pet or not will make a big difference when it comes to looking for housing – which is why it’s the first decision that has to be made.

Anyway, I guess the expat wife advice part of the blog is about to pick up again. Wish us luck!

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