Ink Review: Grenade, Sailor L. E. Spring 2011 Collection


Grenade is extremely close to the Oku Yama of the Autumn 2010 range and I wondered, for a few moments, if this was just re-named for the English market (if oddly.) When I opened the lid, though, it was clear that Grenade has more pink to it, where Oku Yama has a more of an oxblood hue, especially when put down wet. The scan doesn’t show the difference between the two very well, because they are both dark, purplish reds and I have the Oku Yama in a Japanese Fine nib pen (which is XXF in Western size) to minimize the brownish hue. You can see, though, that next to the De Atramentis Oleander, which is the truest red without any yellow in it that I’ve found, Grenade is a dark, purplish pink.

Because my writing is not the best, the comparison inks listed are: Sailor Oku Yama Autumn 2010 Limited Edition; De Atramentis Kermesin; De Atramentis Oleander (scented); Edelstein Ruby



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