Ink Review: Epinard, Sailor L. E. Spring 2011 Collection

Sailor-Epinard-Bottle_thumb5This is a medium green with little blue in it and is almost an army green (in fact I wish I had the Noodler’s Army  Green to compare it to, it’s probably similar.) Finding a green that isn’t too blue, without being yellow is actually hard work. Epinard sits nicely between Edelstein’s rich, dark Aventurine and J.Herbin’s Vert Olive (which is what I actually keep in my green Visconti Van Gogh – branding be damned!)

All the Sailor Limited Edition Jentle inks feel silky in my test pen (Lamy Joy with Medium nib), and show little, if any, feathering on the Clairefontaine, 80gsm, white vellum of the Rhodia Bloc pad I used for the tests .

Because my writing is not the best, the comparison inks listed are: J. Herbin Vert Olive; Edelstein Aventurine; Visconti Green



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